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SOUL GUIDE  |  Integrating Your Mind + Body + Spirit 

In trauma we tend to detach, leaving pieces of ourselves and gifts behind. This work helps you integrate those aspects of yourself.

COST: 2 hr session $120

ATTUNEMENT  |  Frequency Healing

Attuning – This sacred, ancient healing modality is used to balance the physical and astral body through sound.

COST: 2-2.5hrs $120


We work with families, infants, children and adults to resolve attachments of energies that no longer serve them

COST: 2 hr session $100

COACHING | Guidance in crisis and important decisions

We combine our gifts and approaches to help guide you through the challenges and opportunities of life. Serving Adults, families & children

COST: 90 min $100

CHANNELING  |  Messages from your Angels & Guides

We help connect you with your angels and guides to use on a daily basis and when you have questions on what direction to go.

COST: 60-90 mins $60-$100


The womb is a reservoir of energy and personal power for women.  I guide you to connect with this reservoir of wisdom and reclaim your sacred feminine.

COST: 2 hr session $100

DIET & NUTRITION | Feeding your Soul & Body

Food and nutrition are essential components of a healthy lifestyle. They help balance mind and body are critical to feeling your physical and mental best.

COST: 2 hr session $100

We help you release trauma, anger, grief and sadness in a healthy way so you do not store them in your body.