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What our clients have to say

Nothings speaks for what we do as much as what our clients have to say:

Ok y'all, I'm not much of a gusher in public but I DO want to gush for a minute here because Adena Shepherd totally deserves for you to know how amazing she is... and the work she's putting out to the world. I read her note to me this morning and wanted to respond in truth...in kind.

I met Adena many years ago in a Neurosculpting workshop and I instantly saw that through her pain and trauma she was brighter and bigger than most I had ever seen. True strength, true magic, true power. And all I ever wanted to do was help her realize all of what I saw. She came to me for classes, training, help to understand her brain and patterns and over the years I got to witness the light growing brighter. She was in the very first group of trainers I ever certified to share my work in the world...but even then I saw something more for her.

We've had compassionate and truthful conversations EVERY conversation...never a moment of BS, hiding, or pretending. I love this more than anything. She created an openness and safety for me to share with her what beauty I saw in her. More than that, she validated for me my path is this world which is to help people realize their potential. I am honored she trusted me enough through her pain to allow me to partner with her this way.

As the years move and people evolve both Adena and I got to see the bigger picture for her which involved her spreading her wings and jumping into the vast sky to soar with her dreams. To my greatest pride she took her learnings, moved on from her certification so that she could build something of massive substance with her full focus...so that she could fulfill her mission to help children realize THEIR full potential.

I feel as though I'm watching her build an much-needed empire from a grounded and empowered place. I am so blessed to get to experience this kind of witnessing and participation. THIS is the juicy stuff that reminds me that I am living my dream. Adena, I love you and want you to know that I'm always watching with pride and amazement.

Lisa Marie Wimberger, Founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute


And a few more testimonials

“Adena is not only a dear friend, but is an amazing teacher and coach. And it wasn’t until last Tuesday after taking her neurosculpting class on money paradigm, that I could truly experience what she was so excited to about. The meditations were very visual for me and I was able to see where things came up in what my old brain mapping was trained to believe and the triggers (body triggers) that would follow. I am so excited to have a tool now to take control of my thoughts, redirect them, and use support such as touch or my mantra to allow me to shift into a remapping of my thoughts. This will now allow me to stay open to endless opportunity and abundance and allow the challenges when faced with not be such a struggle.”


“From the moment I heard Adena’s voice for the first time, I knew she was a very powerful woman who was on a mission to create positive shifts in her own life and to support those around her in doing the same. Adena has a way of living in the field of potentiality and calling in the highest possibilities. Her optimism is contagious and I have been lucky enough to catch her motivational love blasts that have expanded my vision for myself and for what is possible in this life. I am very blessed to call Adena a friend and great teacher in my life.”


“What can I say about Adena? She is pure light and magic. When I am in her voice and surrounded by her energy I am filled with such grace. She has truly been such a blessing in my life as she has shown me my path in a way that I never even dreamed of seeing it.”


“I attended one Neurosculpting class from Adena and I feel I have grown so much in my awareness around money and the negative blocks I have had around it for so long. I feel much more peaceful and empowered in my relationship to money now and have utilized the meditation techniques many times since the class. My abounding thanks to an amazing goddess!!!”