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Adena Shepherd | Coach & Founder Infinite Prana

About Adena

Adena Shepherd has studied and taught many modalities to resource you through your transformation to live a fully expressed life.  She has made it her life’s work to support trauma recovery in children, teens, adults and families. Having navigated her own healing path from trauma, Adena brings a unique perspective in her ability to understand the broad impact trauma has on multiple areas and energetic levels of one’s life. Combined with her extensive and dedicated study in and past teacher of Neurosculpting®, Current student and teacher of Womb Matrix Healing, Attunement Healing experience, a student of breathwork, a teacher of emotional releasing tools, Nutritional Coaching, She is a Landmark Graduate, uses Access Consciousness tools, Wilderness Therapy training, Wilderness First Aid and CPR, Resilience Training, Way of Mastery and A Course in Miracles. Adena is an inspiring coach with a unique way of approaching life’s challenges, trauma and blocks. She resources you in using ground breaking tools she has used herself to know that it works, to support anyone looking to rewire old thought patterns and unproductive habits.

Adena Shepherd’s passion for empowering her clients to move through their own healing is born from navigating her own trauma background. If you were to take a trip deep into the Amazon jungle, wouldn’t you want a guide who had not only been there before, but is constantly journeying and finding new paths through? Adena can tell stories of physical and psychological assault, rape and sexual abuse. There are stories of abandonment and being juggled through the foster care system. Later in adolescence there are stories of self hate, body shame, and self-sabotage.

But the stories we hold do not define us, not unless we want them to, and Adena knew she was meant for more. She began therapy to heal and deprogram some of the stories that had been wired into her mind. Through the support of mentors, she put herself through school and got a job as a firefighter where she excelled beyond anybody’s expectations. During her work as a firefighter she learned about community and integrity. She learned to navigate crisis, and to safely show up to support other people’s trauma. Most of all, she learned how her understanding of pain and fear could become a gift to help others heal. Adena has used that gift to not only support others, but also heal her own relationship with her family.

Today, Adena works as a holistic guide and coach to support and empower women, children, families and couples in their personal growth. She also has a passion for supporting and inspiring children in individual or small group settings. As a Prior Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and current Practitioner of Womb Healing, Adena coaches people to re-pattern and rewire their trauma stories into embodying health, vitality and empowerment. She also utilizes many teachings from the Way of Mastery and A Course in Miracles to support her work. A lifelong learner, Adena continues her studies in teachings of ancient wisdom. She also has a background in Nutrition.

What Adena says about her life’s calling: I know what it’s like to believe your value is in the life you are given and that there is a bigger calling. I feel like my life is a huge gift. From my experiences, I am able to stand in truth and love when my clients experience the hurricane of trauma, self-hate and self-sabotage. When they are stuck in the downward spiral of comparison and competition with other people, and are not able to see themselves beyond their story, I can hold the anchor that helps them see further and more clearly. I feel congruent in my life with a sense of inner peace, daily transformation, growth and stillness. It is my honor to be able to guide you, stand in witness with someone else beyond their story, and support them with tools that will allow them to find their inner truth beyond their past; tools that will help them find their gift in the world.